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Is It Alzheimer's?

Posted On 08/22/2017

As I get older, I worry about myself or my spouse getting Alzheimer's or Dementia. What are some of the early warning signs to look for?


There are several signs that we may experience as we age that may or may not be an indicator of Alzheimer's or Dementia. The table below, provided in this helpful article by A Place For Mom, is a basic guide to understanding some of the differences between 'normal' memory loss as a result of aging, versus the signs that there may be a greater memory issue present. Ask a friend or loved one to be honest with you if they notice memory changes in you. Talk to your doctor if you or your loved one are experiencing signs of memory illness. 


Dementia Symptoms

Normal Age-related Memory Changes

Forgets entire experiences

Forgets part of an experience

Rarely remembers later

Often remembers later

Is gradually unable to follow written/spoken directions

Is usually able to follow written/spoken directions

Is gradually unable to use notes as reminders

Is usually able to use notes as reminders

Is gradually unable to care for self

Is usually able to care for self

While it's important to maintain awareness of your physical, mental, and emotional health, don't let worry overtake your life. Many of us will experience illness and change as we age, so if you can remember anything, remember this - enjoy the time you have, remind others what you love about them, have a good attitude, and live your life to the fullest in whatever way you can.

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