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What's the Buzz About?

You wouldn't BEElieve how fascinating bees can be! Beekeeping hobbyist Ruth Coors presented for our guests yesterday, and it was sweeter than honey. For instance, did you know there are over 4,200 types of bees in the US, and over 50,000 in the whole world? Did you know that about 70% of  crops humans consume is the result of bees pollinating plants and flowers? Did you know that a forager bee visits about 1000 plants & flowers in one flight? How about this - that a bee produces only up to 1/12th of a TEASPOON of honey over the course of its life?! 

Don't feel STUNG if you missed out - Ruth will be coming back to speak more about bees again! We also have several other guest speakers lined up for the coming months that may BEE of interest to you! Keep an eye on our monthly activity calendars for more info. 

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