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Tuesday's Tips from Traci

Posted On 04/03/2012

A competitive industry keeps us innovative and diligent, while providing quality care for seniors.


Happy Tuesday to everyone in our community! The other day, we talked about the industry of senior care as being highly competitive with room for innovation and creative solutions. As a small business, our team works diligently to compete in the fast growing market by providing quality, timely and consistent staff to meet the families’ needs. Few businesses have the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to continually grow, adapt to change, overcome challenges and set new standards. To continue as that spirited business, it also takes many real life day-to-day experiences. There are many hats to wear and opportunities for us to continue our education as lifelong learners.

As part of our mission, Homecare By Design continually motivates future leaders. Whether for the senior care careers (we always need good ones) or for any other growing industry, there is much wisdom to share with our future generations. The agency has learned, with scars to prove it, many valuable lessons in business and entrepreneurship. We inspire our future leaders to work together and take charge of their destinies, while having a serving heart in the process. Let us share ways to better the lives of others in a meaningful way.

Lemonade Day 2012 Greater LafayetteOne example of Homecare By Design’s mission to reach out to future leaders is through Lemonade Day. We are sponsoring this exciting venture for the second year in a row. Originally a Houston-based concept for Prepared 4 Life, Lemonade Day assists many cities across the US as a proactive movement and community opportunity. The program encourages young kids to get involved in creating a business and working in a team environment. They must plan, build and host a successful lemonade stand in the community. We are proud to assist the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce with this fun and educational program.

Another example is our relationship with Purdue University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. We have partnered up with our friends and associates to share about the many opportunities in startup businesses. Our team encourages entrepreneurs in college to look for problems across the industries and find creative solutions. It is a blessing and exciting partnership for our agency to assist.

Senior care has a need for much help and assistance in the industry. It is a career of passion, filled with dedicated caregivers and personnel to improve quality of life. It is also a very competitive field. Homecare By Design is proud to serve in such a industry, to keep senior independent and enjoying an active, comfortable quality of life. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have worked hard and have lived enriched lives. We are blessed to assist by providing senior care and ‘Bettering the world, one life at a time.'

Your friend and grateful business leader,

Owner of HBD &
Advocate for your family!

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