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Tuesday’s Tips from Traci

Posted On 03/27/2012

Plan ahead and know your options for senior care. Homecare By Design is there to assist with all steps.


Happy Tuesday to everyone in our community! Friends, families and loved ones, being awarded Small Business of the Year has been such a great honor and blessing. When we won Small Business of the Month in August 2011, we used this great opportunity to educate and share about our agency and our mission. With Small Business of the Year, we continue using the honor and opportunity to do three things for seniors:

First, educate our community about seniors and the elderly. We work diligently to prepare families should a loved one have growing care needs. We identify signs to look for, tips to assist family members and provide additional information to keep you knowledgeable on all things related to seniors.

Second, educate our families about the choices they have for care. They can stay independent in the home or move to an assisted living facility; we are not limited anymore. There are a plethora of care options out there, and that can be overwhelming. We have many solutions at our company, but not all. However, we can work with you and collaborate with others to provide only the best care plan for your loved ones. We dedicate ourselves as your go-to agency for award-winning services.

Third, educate the community about our agency and care. When I founded Homecare By Design in 2008, I provided the business with over 20 years senior care experience. As a registered nurse, I provide a team that offers a passion and commitment to helping those in need. Through many key leadership positions, I have also opened multiple senior communities and other successful companies in our local community. Overall, senior care is a specialty and so is running a business…and it requires two very different skill sets which I bring each day.

It also requires finding and maintaining quality staff. This can be a challenge for any business, especially a small business. We have to know what to look for in potential employees. And when the staff is in place, we are constantly discovering new concerns and fixing them effectively to grow the staff and the company as a whole. We work through rough patches, continue to develop the agency and build leaders for tomorrow. At Homecare By Design, we plan to proactively train and educate staff, the families we serve and the community about what quality senior care is….as well as how we can all continue to grow as lifelong learners!

So we don’t take Small Business of the Year lightly. We plan to use this blessed opportunity to share our objectives: to educate and identify care concerns, share healthy solutions and promote go-to reliable services to seniors, families, friends and loved ones. We believe that’s what it takes to make the world a better place, one life at a time.

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