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Tips From Traci on Testimonials

Posted On 04/12/2012

Listen to feedback, reviews and testimonials to reflect on provided care, improve customer service and plan for the future.


“I have recommended Homecare by Design to several of my friends whose parent needs homecare at some level. I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to take that first step; but I also know the blessing of having wonderful caregivers to be with a beloved family member. Thank you for being a part of the Lafayette community and for providing this service that is so critical to families with these very important needs.”

-Sarah C. Johnson, client’s daughter

Every day, Homecare By Design receives encouraging support. Whether through phones calls, emails, posts on Facebook or comments online, our team actively listens to our clients, their families and our friends in the communities we serve. A small business requires feedback to grow as a company. A personal service agency wants customer testimonials and suggestions to assist with future client care. Homecare By Design works diligently to improve and maintain quality of life for your loved ones at home. Each response develops more care support and opportunities to positively impact families with loved ones receiving services. Every experience is an enriching experience. The likelihood is there to refine techniques, improve customer service and better our operations overall. Even with four years owning Homecare By Design and 20+ years developing as a professional in the field, I am still reading and researching ways to improve the way I do business. My management team dedicates time to explore and discover new approaches to bettering all of our care services, which is why I hired strong and passionate leaders, including our care staff in the homes. We collaborate and provide quality care, with one-to-one focus on each client. If services are having difficulties, we work together with the family to apply thoughtful solutions with plans to follow up. Our commitment to care is prevalent in every aspect of the company. The community recently recognized our consistent commitment by awarding us Small Business of the Year. In a strong local commerce, businesses receiving this award must demonstrate a solid foundation built on integrity and trust. Recognized businesses also provide consistent, quality services delivered to their customers in a timely manner. They exhibit deep values that support local community initiatives and charitable contributions for their local community and beyond. Our friends, families and loved ones share a similar congratulations and advice through reviews and testimonials.

We encourage everyone to share online. There are a plethora of ways to provide feedback, customer satisfaction and comments about what you loved most about Homecare By Design. We are more than happy to hear your stories, share care resources and give back to our community. There are many wonderful opportunities here, so let’s give the attention, dignity and love our families and loved ones deserve in their care together.

Your friend and grateful business leader,
Traci Goudy, RN
Owner of HBD & Advocate for your family!

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