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Spring Weather Preparations

Posted On 03/23/2012

Tips and resources are provided to prepare for uncertain extreme weather conditions.


Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping, grass is getting greener, I even saw the first glimpse of a flower blooming this morning. With the change in seasons also comes the potential for severe weather. Now is the time to start preparing yourself for bad weather or a disaster by making a disaster plan.

With March closing out soon and bringing in April showers, we reflect on the past weeks. March is Red Cross Month. We are fortunate to have such an organization dedicated to education and preparationg for disaster relief. There are also other resourceful tools to help every family plan and prepare.

The key point to remind ourselves is that weather can change drastically. We have seen the terrific and devastating effects of extreme weather. These disasters happen in nature, and we must continue to prepare and know what to do in those situations. Reviewing your family's plan of action helps. Updating old resources and discovering new information online also can grow your knowledge and know-how. Homecare By Design understands that quality care must come first to those we love and provide care for, and that always includes proper preparation for emergencies.

Here are links to great sites we recommend to visit. They will assist with your planning and preparation:

As we all know the weather in Indiana changes from minute to minute, it is not unheard of to go from Thunderstorms to Snow in less than 24 hours. Be prepared, start practicing your plan now, it could save a life!

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