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Oscar Inspiration For Living

Posted On 02/28/2011

You're invited to reflect and live each moment we have.


Another great Monday to everyone, and I hope you had a chance to relax and enjoy some personal time this weekend. Recently viewing the 83rd Academy Awards, it was interesting to see which pictures won awards and who was presenting them. The Academy has come a long way from a reception hall in Hollywood recognizing a few directors, actors, and motion pictures. Now, a very prestigious awards ceremony, many artists in the film industry work endless hours and parts of their lives to win for Best Picture or Best Director, among other awards. Imagine standing on stage in front of thousands live and millions, thanks to television and the internet. A truly humbling experience, I caught myself wondering in awe what it must have felt like to stand there, either to present or accept an award.

While wondering the feelings and reactions I would have if I ended up in such a situation, I started to grasp the idea of mortality and how fast time flies while we are alive. It is easy for young adults to feel like they have all the time in the world to do what they want, but really it is a stark truth that we have a limited time here on Earth. We have a lifetime to make a difference, leave a legacy, raise a family, find ourselves, and really live each moment. Like directors, actors and actresses on the stage at the Academy Awards, we have goals and dreams to reach ourselves. And as we grow older, we reflect on our lives and chain of events that led us to where we are.

So, what is your favorite moment in life? Are there more than one? Or do you have regrets? It is normal and human to feel regretful, though everyone tells you to live without regret. We are human, and with that come mistakes and bad choices. We cannot go back and change the past, but maybe we can make choices today and forward to prepare for a better tomorrow. I say this because I, too, feel that I have made mistakes and hurt feelings along the way. And as they are not my proudest moments, recognizing them allows for me to mend wounds and right wrongs in my life before it is too late. It is my shared personal belief that everything happens for a reason, part of the master plan from God, and He reminds me that I will do my best out of love for Him, and fellow humankind.

Let us write goals for today, for tomorrow and for next year. Let us come up with a game plan to accomplish those goals. It does not have to be something as extreme as climbing Mount Everest, (Though if you have the stamina and tools to climb mountains, by all means, aim for that goal.) Just remember that every day is chalked full of opportunities. Just saying hi to a new face and having a short conversation with laughs and tears can make the world of a difference. Singing a song or watching a new movie, trying a new food or participating in a foreign culture event, life is too beautiful to waste on grudges or preconceptions. I think that is a main takeaway from any movie created and watched, even if they are not award recipients at the Academy.

Filling in for Traci this week,
Stephen Woodall
Creative Media Manager of HBD

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