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How Well is Your Soul Aging?

Posted On 12/14/2010

How Aging Connects to Wisdom, Beauty, and Building a Foundation for a Healthy Future


It’s so interesting writing a blog that focuses on seniors. The reason I think that is because from my 20+ years (wow, time flies) of working with them, seniors have become such a part of me that it seems kind of odd to write about them as though they’re separate from me. It’s kind of like how couples that have been married for a long time start to look like each other- that’s how connected I feel to seniors… They are a piece of me!

No, I don’t look aged (not yet, no jokes!) but I like to believe that, like them, I have gained valuable wisdom, insight and even a sense of freedom that only age and experiences (good and bad) offer. No longer do we care so much about WHAT we do but more so HOW WELL we do it. No longer are we concerned about what others think as much as what WE BELIEVE. I could never truly classify myself as an expert on seniors and here’s why: The foundation of my belief is that they are the wisest people on earth. They can speak for themselves.

In my experience, I’ve found that there are fragile 87-year-old seniors in shaky, feeble conditions and I’ve also found vibrant, strong, agile and highly active 87-year-old seniors who pour out their knowledge with grace, kindness, wisdom and love. The difference between them, for the most part, is many of the choices that were made along the way- some choices were theirs, some were others’ imposed onto them. I judge neither, but I do look at them with compassion and awe as I learn from and observe these precious, wise elders.

I pray I learn to live the difference they have taught me by making better choices (better than I would have without their wisdom) with my faith, my family, my friends, my health, my business, my life…The things I would hope my older friends would admire and appreciate since they were the ones who knowingly or unknowingly taught me along the way.

Maybe that’s my way of honoring them. I hope it would be a way we can all work together to honor them. Surely they deserve it! They are the most amazing generation to have lived thus far- having done, seen, and experienced the best of times and the worst of times. Oh, how I love to love them! Aren’t we blessed to know them and to become, day by day, one of them? Yes, I think with age comes the privilege of becoming what our society refers to as ‘old’. It’s not about how poorly our features age but how well our souls age. That is what matters. Our moms were right after all—beauty is within the eye of the beholder.

So consider it a privilege to age well…you just never know who is learning how to age well…from YOU.

Kindly, Your friend,

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