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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Posted On 03/30/2011

Employee Benefit Solutions of Indiana shares useful tips and information about water


Water bottle picture courtesy of Creative Tools.

Thanks to Employee Benefit Solutions of Indiana, one of our wonderful caregivers decided to share this information with the rest of the Homecare By Design members. And with Spring here and Summer right around the corner, it is increasingly important to drink the vital amount of water! Yes, our good friend Mr. H2O hosts a large number of health benefits that we must remind ourselves daily. It is an essential component to our body, the maintenance staff so-to-speak. Think about how complex your body is. We have our pH balance, metabolic processes and some pretty sophisticated major organs to support. By weight, the human body holds 2/3 water! That's almost the water-to-land ratio on our planet, Earth! So don't let your body become the Sahara compared to your friends, families, and loved ones. Make a personal goal, drink up and stay hydrated!

Some other important facts provided by EBS:

  • By proper consumption of water you will be able to feel higher energy levels.
  • Water is the carrier of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to all areas of our body.
  • Disorders like constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis and ulcers can be prevented by consuming the required amounts of water routinely.
  • The back portion of our body rests on our spinal cord. The spinal disc core is made up of large volumes of water and dehydration leads to back pain in individuals.
  • A number of skin problems can be prevented by taking adequate amounts of water.
  • Try to consciously drink more water each day. See if you are able to feel the benefits immediately and live a healthier lifestyle.
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