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Creating Visual Connections over Great Distances

Posted On 03/29/2012

Consider video chat with loved ones, using a smart phone/tablet to check in with them and their care.


You are living in California, flip flops off and sipping an ice-cold beverage. On your only day off from work, you want to relax and rest from the chaos. In addition, you want to talk with Mom. Mom is older and cannot move around the home easily. You want to reach out, however Mom lives in Lafayette, Indiana. Distance can be a challenge for her safety and comfort.
Not to worry though, because today’s technology can help you. 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. And out of the 5 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smart phones.1 Smart mobile devices from companies like Apple and Android will easily connect you with friends , families and loved ones across great distances via video

Whether through their smart phone or tablet, many companies offer applications or ‘apps’ to setup, connect and maintain a video chat where you can see each other’s face. This is perfect for checking in with Mom and her caregiver. In fact, having a caregiver in-home and caring for Mom can also assist to setup the video chat. This helps both of you connect with no problem across several states! It is the quality face time with those you love in the palm of your hand.

What a wonderful time we live in to have resources with easy interfaces and connectivity reaching across great distances! With 91.4 million smart phones in the US alone1, any busy professional and adult child can still reach out to their Mom and Dad, while making sure they are getting only quality in-home personal care.

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