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Attitude is Latitude Part II

Posted On 01/17/2011

Traci shares on adjusting attitude for success through personal reflection


Over the years, the management field has shifted. But, I’m not the kind of gal to give up the problem altogether. I have learned from my seniors, Mom and God, "When you’re ready to give up, be it to illness, family problems, financial problems or even grief over a significant loss, you instead lick your wounds, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and dig back into life as best as you physically and emotionally can!"

It wasn’t everyone else that needed to change. It was me. Not because they were good and I was bad, but sometimes our prism in which we look at life gets shifted. Just by being a bit off course, we are still OFF course. From this I knew that I needed an attitude adjustment. I needed to get back to the things I love and delegate the things I did not. As it turns out, the things you usually don’t love are the things you are not as good at either. This is tough in the pride department, but worth it in the end. Delegate to others who enjoy and complete the things that you don't love.

To love or to love too much

I love connecting to my people: families, seniors, children and friends, through service. I have always been naturally good at it, and I was good because I really do care. I have always cared about people. And maybe, at times, I cared too much.

I also love running a business that makes a difference. But when running your own business, you can get caught up in the details, making sure that every aspect of the company is picture perfect. You can get so caught up that you forget why you started the business in the first place. Wasn’t it to fix a problem? To help a person? To do it better?

Sharing the vision

So, that was it…I made a decision. I turned many of my operations duties over to someone to get me back to the big picture. Sure, I had to find a highly experienced, integrity-based, detail-oriented, and driven yet caring person that could do it with the same style and culture I worked extensively to create. Also, the same person ideally needed to help me make the business even better! But, I had to do it. I had to have an Attitude Adjustment.

When I changed my thinking, I naturally had to change my life. But isn’t that what we all get the choice to do every single day of our lives? I made the choice to go back to doing what I love doing in the first place. I returned to taking care of my people, staff, clients, and the community. I found someone who loved the details of making the office hum and related to my vision for the company. But it wasn’t so much someone as many “some ones” plural.

Team effort for success

There are not only the ones with me today, but all the ones who have been with me on the path to success. Some of these loved ones include my dearest friend Rae Lee who helped from the onset of my company, my husband who took a leap of faith on my behalf and many more since then, my kids who put up with me always talking about work, my seniors, their families, my supervisors, co-workers and leaders along the way who encouraged my skills and my gifts, and primarily my God who inspires me moment by moment to choose my attitude, so I can gain latitude. With all of their blessings, I hopefully can bring others along for the ride. I hope that you can join this ride called life and find true success by adjusting your attitude.

Your friend continuing this journey,

Owner of HBD
& Advocate for your family!

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