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Attitude is Latitude

Posted On 01/10/2011

The Choice to Choose Every Day Affects Work and Personal Life


"Attitude is Latitude."

We hear this or similar sayings so often that we can just easily brush it off as, “Oh yeah, I know that.” I have been certainly guilty of it myself more than I really care to admit. After all, we are Americans, the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. We know about positive thinking, we have heard motivational speeches from polished presidents to weight loss gurus. We get it. We have the ‘Have a great attitude!’ thing down.

But, some days, don’t you just wonder, “A good attitude about WHAT exactly?” I mean deep down, WHAT is it we are supposed to have a good attitude about anyways? We all know that some people are ‘born with it’ (based on personality profiling…another story, another day). Others have to work at this thing. I think MOST of us have to work hard and put in many long hours for success at this attitude lift.

Asking your Question behind the Question

I recently started a most wonderful book by John G. Miller called QBQ! The Question behind the Question Practicing Personal Accountability in business and in Life. After reading through half of it, I found my own Attitude Adjustment. Now, if you have read this book you might say, “That books not about your attitude. It’s about taking personal responsibility.” And you are right. But as the owner of a busy home care agency, I thought I did take personal responsibility. After all, my life’s work has been about helping seniors to have better quality lives and has evolved to my care and concern for whole family care from infants to elders.

Now, that’s not just a cute little marketing slogan…it’s from the heart. It is who we are and what we do. It is easy and hard. It makes us laugh and cry. We love to please our customers and staff, but sometime you have got to draw the line in the sand. This year, after reading that book I draw the line in the sand. Instead of “No”, I choose to say a better “Yes”. It is choosing a healthier, more strategic ways of thinking, planning and organizing so we can do MORE for people who need help at home, not LESS.

The better yes from the top-down

But, as the owner, it starts with me. Yikes! Sometimes that is a great thing…sometimes, not so much, if you know what I mean. I really have to constantly look at my attitude and adjust for the better. No matter what your age or situation, we all get the same opportunity every day. We get the choice to choose. I choose today and every day to do my best, and do it wisely. Won’t you join me? Let us say a better YES to our future. I believe in you as I pray you’ll believe also in me. Let us have a better tomorrow…Starting, Today!

Your friend on this journey,

Owner of HBD &
Advocate for your family!

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