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Accessibility and Comfort for Your Home

Posted On 04/12/2011

Plan to update your home to last with an alternative design.


Today’s Caregiver posted a nice article from Susan Leck recalling her fight with a shower chair. She shared how she tried to squeeze a chair that was too large into a shower that was too small for her late husband, Bud. The bathroom had been small and they made do with what they had, however this story is a very common tale. Most seniors want to live independently for as long as they can in their own home, but many changes need to happen for that to be a possibility. The key word is, “accessibility.”

Susan Benedict, CKD CAPS, from Design Alternatives presented to our office, during our weekly management meeting, about the same facts and choices that seniors must make if they wish to remain in their home. The traditional bathrooms and bedrooms, really any traditional layout of a home, is not good enough to get around and can really pose as a danger to residents if left unchecked. Design AlternativesHowever, just because you have to remodel, replace and refurnish some pieces to make it ideal for accessibility does not mean you have to be without style. Many pieces are available now to compliment your design tastes at affordable prices. Susan gave details how even handlebars can integrate into any bathroom with style, while providing its primary function to help lift seniors in and around the areas. As well as those pieces, having mobile accessories that fold, turn and work with ease are essential to help move around the home. Each case is different, and you as a senior individual do not have to be sick to utilize these custom-built tools. Everything comes back to the word, “accessibility,” while keeping in mind the word, “comfort,” as well.

So, to Susan Leck and others alike, while it is nice to have fun stories that you share with loved ones, definitely take the opportunities available out there to makeover your home. It will provide additional comfort and allow for more time, enjoying your precious time together.

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