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Q&A With... Traci & Lee

Create FLOW - Organization & Happiness

Traci, as a business owner, you must have a million projects and tasks on your plate every day. How do you keep organized and not let the weight on your shoulders bog you down?

Combat Loneliness & Its Effects

My mom seems to be very lonely. My dad passed away several years ago, and she has since lost a few close friends who she would meet up with once or twice a week. She's always been somewhat of a social butterfly, but she's been isolated and I worry her health will suffer more for it. I feel guilty that I can't be with her more, but my family lives a few hours away. I'm worried about her being alone as much as she is but she's adamant about staying home through retirement.  How can I help her through this loneliness? What should I be wary of?

Getting Back Your Joy

I have been experiencing a bout of depression these past several months, but have been slowly starting to feel a bit like myself again. I want to bring joy and laughter back into my life like it was before, but have been in such a rut for so long that I don't really know where to begin. 

Taking the First Steps

After reading your article, "How to Know" about when it's the right time to get care for an aging loved one, I realized that my dad is nearing that time. His diet has been a mess since my mom passed, he forgets about his appointments at times, and he seems to have lost his lust for life. I've never looked into senior care before now - what do I do next?

Is It Alzheimer's?

As I get older, I worry about myself or my spouse getting Alzheimer's or Dementia. What are some of the early warning signs to look for?


I am a Caregiver for Homecare By Design, working with a senior client who is slowly becoming more and more agitated in the evenings, or often seems to be more confused than usual as the day goes on. She's been this way since she came home after a stay in the hosptial. Is there something I can do or try to reduce her agitation?

Handyman Minute: Flower Bedding Options

I have a very small area that would make for a great flower bed, but is currently just filled with grass and weeds that are sometimes difficult to control. What's the best way to transform this space into something with better curb appeal?

Early Dementia Stages - A Helpful Hint

I was recently informed by my physician that my wife may be entering the early stages of Dementia. I know there’s no known cure at this time, but is there anything I can do to help her brain function and slow down the progress of the disease?

Stay In Touch - Care 2 Share Newsletter

Do you have a bulletin or newsletter I can subscribe to in order to keep updated on Homecare By Design's Senior Community Without Walls?

Get Out More - And How

I love the spring & summer - people come out of their cocoons to spread their wings all over town, enjoying shops, eateries, festivals, and the like. I used to get out quite a bit this time of year, but have become intimidated with all the new construction and changes downtown. I barely know where to park these days! How can I still enjoy the buzz of springtime when I'm afraid of getting spun around in the traffic of people and vehicles?

Handyman Minute: More Than Just 'Spring Cleaning'

Dear Handyman, I've done my Spring cleaning and my house is looking pretty good. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that need done around the house  that keep it from looking 100% sparkly clean and running as smoothly as it should. This got me to thinking, what are the top home maintenance tasks that should be done around the house to get ready for Spring?

How to Have FUN

As I'm getting older, I realize that I don't have as much fun as I used to. My friends have moved away, and some have passed on, and I just don't have a strong social life like I used to, so I wind up home alone watching TV way too often. I feel like I'm going nuts! How can I, as a senior, bring some fun back into my life?

More Choices Than You May Know

This Q&A is based on a conversation in-person with a senior about her retirement choices. Read below.

Tough Conversations

I think it may be time for my parents to get some extra help in their home. My dad's health is declining, and my mom is too weak to take care of him on her own. I'd help them myself, but I have a full time job and kids of my own to take care of. How do I approach this subject gently with my mom & dad?

Music & Memory Loss

My mother has had Alzheimer's for a number of years, and sometimes her memory loss makes it very difficult to connect with her. Some days she doesn't  seem to even recognize me. I don't expect a miracle, but is there any way I can trigger some of her memory to make her feel more like herself and maybe even connect with her again?

In a Rut

I'm a widowed senior living at home alone, and my family lives out of state. I don't get out much anymore, and feel like I'm stuck in a rut sometimes! What can I do to get myself out of it?

Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

What can I get my parents for the holidays?

Winter Warnings

I live out of state and always visit my parents at home for the holidays, which worries me because of the sometimes drastic differences I notice when I come home to see them. Is there anything I should look out for when I visit? And what should I do about those things?

Why Membership? My Health is Fine

Why do I need Membership? My health is fine and I'm able to live independently. Can't I wait to worry about this later?

Safety Hazards to Consider

We have my mom's house all set up to keep her safe - we installed grab bars in the shower, put in a fence around the yard, and even have surveillance cameras around her house. Is there anything else we should be doing to keep mom safe when she's left alone?

Free Trial!

How can I test out your event center without committing to a Membership?

Enrichment - Giving Back

I'm still very active and would like to do more things to enrich my life, something that would bring me joy and somehow contribute to the community. Any suggestions?

More than Physical

My mom lives in her home alone and wants to stay there as she retires. She already uses your homecare services, which are great for getting her through her day-to-day lifestyle, but she sometimes tells me how she wishes she could get out more to socialize. What are your suggestions?

Lifelong Learning

I like to think of myself as a "lifelong learner" - I'm always looking for ways to educate myself. Do you offer any ongoing educational programs in the Community Without Walls?

I'm Not a Senior Yet

I'm not a "senior" yet, I'm only in my early 60s and am very active and independent. How could I benefit from any of the services you offer?

How Can I Learn More About HBD?

I hear that Homecare By Design offers thing like homecare, handyman services, wellness planning, and your new 6000 sq. ft. community space. How do all these things tie together? And how can I learn more about it all?

Staying Home as You Age

My wife and I would like to stay in our homes as we age. Do you have suggestions of simple tasks we can do ourselves to accomplish this goal?

Home Health vs. Homecare

What is the difference between Home Healthcare and In-Home Care Services, such as Homecare By Design?

Alert Devices

Why do you suggest that your clients wear medical alert devices, even though your Caregivers are caring for them?

Getting Involved in the Community Clubhouse

I want to receive the monthly calendar of events offered at your Community Clubhouse, as well as information about the NEW programs I’ve been hearing about in 2016 from your company. How can I learn more?

Nutrition for Seniors Living Alone

My mother seems to be eating less. When she does eat, it is usually a frozen dinner. She lives alone and I’m not there to prepare her meals daily. Should I be worried?

Shuffling When Walking

My mother has started shuffling when she walks and therefore not picking up her feet entirely. I keep reminding her, but she still keeps doing it. Should I be worried?

Private Caregivers

What is the benefit of hiring your company versus a private caregiver? I live out of town, and my mom’s friend says she can care for her, which could save me a lot of money, but I’m a bit nervous to hire her privately.

Life Lessons (Part 3 of 3)

Traci, you have been working with seniors for over 2 decades. In your experience what are some of the life lessons from seniors that you have learned? 

Life Lessons (Part 2 of 3)

Traci, you have been working with seniors for over 2 decades. In your experience what are some of the life lessons from seniors that you have learned?

Life Lessons (Part 1 of 3)

Traci, you have been working with seniors for over 2 decades. In your experience what are some of the life lessons from seniors that you have learned?

Visiting Activities

My friend attends the activities in your Club Room. I’m interested in attending just to see if I like it too, but can anyone come?

Simple Health

What are some simple ways to better my health?

Exercise & Self Sufficiency

My doctor keeps telling me that if I want to continue being self-sufficient, I have to start exercising more. Exercise has never been my thing, so how do I make it a habit now?

LIVE Q&A Session

I enjoy reading the Q&As in the Journal & Courier and here on your website, but I have so many more questions! How can I get more answers to my questions about retirement options?

The Six Game Changers #6

What is the sixth "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?

The Six Game Changers #5

What is the fifth "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?

The Six Game Changers #4

What is the fourth "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?

The Six Game Changers #3

What is the third "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?

The Six Game Changers #2

What is the second "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?

The Six Game Changers #1

Many different reasons can lead to seniors not meeting their goal of staying in their home. We have identified six top reasons that force people to make life changes. If you can reduce your risk of the following six events, you have a better chance of staying independent and meeting your goal of “Aging in Place”.

Home Healthcare vs. In-Home Care Services

What is the difference between Home Healthcare and In-Home Care Services, such as Homecare By Design?

Increasing Activity/Socialization

My mom lives in her home and doesn't get out much. I'm concerned she's not getting enough social or physical activity. Is there anything we can do to help her become more active?

Winter Safety Tips

I'm worried about my loved one or I slipping and falling ouitside of my house during all of this bad weather.. Is there something we can do to help protect ourselves?

Protecting Your Health

What can i do to protect my health?

Keeping Your Parents' Spirits Up

Every year around this time I notice my mother seems a bit down. Do you have any suggestions to keep her spirits up?

Tips to Prep Your Home For Fall & Winter

How can I prep my home for Fall & Winter?

Honoring Your Parents' Wishes

I want to ensure my parents' wishes are honored in the future, but unsure how...

'Safety 1st' Tips to Stay in Your Home

My wife and I would like to stay  in our home as we age. Do you have some suggestions of simple tasks we can do ourselves to accomplish this goal?

Care Coordination Program

Can you talk more about your Care Coordination Program?

NEW Property Management Program

Recently, I heard that your company is now offering Property Management, in addition to homecare. How does that work?

July Q+A at West Side Location

Join us for a free Q+A seminar every Monday in July at 3:30 pm in our Club Room (located inside of our West Side location at Homecare By Design, 951 Sagamore Pkwy West), to get your questions answered about:


RSVP to 464-8080. Seats are limited so call today! 

PS. Lee and I personally invite you (and a friend) to join us for one or all the sessions! 

Need a ride? Call to schedule one today! 

Can't wait to see you there! Traci & Lee Goudy

What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

You've heard the term countless times, but do you what it is and how it affects the brain?

Enjoy the Journey of Being Human Together

The pleasure of hosting the Circle of Friends and Brain Builder Group at our Community Without Walls...

Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones

How should I care for my aged loved one?

To Love and Be Loved

What are love languages, and how can they help caring for my family?

Life Expectancy Compression

Effects on Longevity After Moving into an LTC Facility (By:Chris Orestis)

Therapeutic Fibbing

There is a new approach to working with Alzheimer's patients, though the approach may even seem a little unorthodox it is very effective and builds relationship.

Tips from Traci on Paying it Forward

Our agency shares love of seniors and the beauty of the elderly. When writing for the ‘Companies that Care’ feature section in the upcoming Lafayette Magazine publication, I wanted to further share into my personal experiences in the care industry. However, with limited space I could only include a tiny part of what I wanted to share.

Tips From Traci on Testimonials

Listen to feedback, reviews and testimonials to reflect on provided care, improve customer service and plan for the future.

Creating Visual Connections over Great Distances

Consider video chat with loved ones, using a smart phone/tablet to check in with them and their care.

Tuesday’s Tips from Traci

Plan ahead and know your options for senior care. Homecare By Design is there to assist with all steps.

Spring Weather Preparations

Tips and resources are provided to prepare for uncertain extreme weather conditions.

Keeping a Healthy Heart

Take care of your beautiful heart this month and every month.

Aging in Place

Homecare by Design and Design Alternatives have the same goal in mind: keeping clients independent at home. Homecare By Design achieves that mission with equipping their clients with caring, knowledgeable and trained caregivers. Design Alternatives achieves that with knowing what products to suggest for very specific needs and situations. Because Susan is an Aging in Place Specialist, she is trained in knowing when to specify non-main stream solution guided products that truly will make a difference in being able to keep a loved one at home as long as possible. We are excited to share the opportunity to help families and their loved ones Age in Place.

It Has Nothing To Do With Age

"It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges."

We encourage everyone to read these stories and share with your friends, families and loved ones. The story posted here is Family Fitness, Mortality,Exercise Your Brain and Learning. Great advice, and it is always a blessing to find these valuable online resources. Read and enjoy!

Aging in Place Observations

Coming home to this holiday can lead to a gained insight on how well parents/loved ones are doing.

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

A wonderful reminder to us all the “Reason for the Season”

Moving Forward with In-Home Personal Care

We would like to thank all of you who joined us in our celebration, all of you who cheered us on and all of you who consistently show your support.

We would especially like to thank our Caregivers- without your selflessness, strength and kindness, Homecare By Design could never have come this far.

For pictures and comments from our event, please visit our Facebook page at We also encourage you to share thoughts and testimonials with us on the page. It's one of the many great ways to connect with our Agency and stay in touch with all things personal care. We look forward to sharing with you soon.

Homecare By Design Open House set for Sept. 16th!

Come join the agency as we celebrate three years and recognition as August 2011 Small Business of the Month

Homecare By Design Named Small Business of the Month for August 2011

Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Awards Small Business Celebrating Three Years Providing Quality Services to the Community

Accessibility and Comfort for Your Home

Plan to update your home to last with an alternative design.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Employee Benefit Solutions of Indiana shares useful tips and information about water

Family Caregiver Burnout

It is important to take care of yourself to better help your elder family members

Oscar Inspiration For Living

You're invited to reflect and live each moment we have.

A New Spring in Her Step

Homecare By Design wishes farewell to our one of our leaders

Attitude is Latitude Part II

Traci shares on adjusting attitude for success through personal reflection

Attitude is Latitude

The Choice to Choose Every Day Affects Work and Personal Life

How to Know When Your Elder Loved One Needs Care at Home

Traci Shares Experienced Insight on What Home Care Is

How Well is Your Soul Aging?

How Aging Connects to Wisdom, Beauty, and Building a Foundation for a Healthy Future

Tips from Traci

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