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The Six Game Changers #4

Posted On 04/01/2015

What is the fourth "Game Changer" that can prevent seniors from staying in their home?


An estimated 50% of patients prescribed any sort of treatment regimen do not follow them as directed.

This includes medications, therapy, diet, exercise, rest, or many other recommendations your medical professionals request. 


“Have you taken your medicine?” There may be many reasons one does not regularly take their medications as prescribed. A few reasons might include simply forgetting to take them, high cost, or difficulty swallowing. If price is a concern for medication compliance, talk to your doctor or pharmacist and they will educate you on assistance programs available to you. If you are experiencing trouble swallowing certain pills, talk to your pharmacy and they may be able to get the pill in different forms or have advice on easier ways to swallow them. When it comes down to forgetting to take prescribed medication, try setting a daily schedule to take medications, and even set an alarm on your watch, phone, or clock to remind you. There are also many medication dispensing units available on the market to remind and dispense medication. 


The goal of any prescribed medical therapy is to achieve a positive “healing” outcome for the patient.  Your health care provider desires an optimistic outcome of your wellbeing, and to rid your body of any diseases/viruses. However, despite all the best intention and efforts of healthcare professionals, those outcomes might not be attainable if patients are non-compliant. There are many ways to help those who struggle with following a physician’s instructions. A Care Manager can walk through the medical process with a client to ensure they are comfortable with their individual medical regimen. Care Managers will explain directions to a client to make sure there is no confusion or questions about their medications, or what their supposed to be doing.

Many factors can play a role in patients falling out of compliance with a doctor's reccommendations. If this sounds like you or a loved one, don't hesitate to contact your doctor, pharmasist, or a trusted medical professional to help you work through any issues you may be experiencing and get you back on the right track!

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