Senior Community Without Walls

The fun is not just for teenagers!

Posted On 09/18/2018

Senior couple on a couch looking at a laptop.Older adults should get excited about technology! It opens doors to re-connecting with family and friends worldwide or across town. Keeps us in touch with our grandkids, civic or church groups and we can even video talk over Skype or Facetime! Find old class mates, join senior chat groups to “chat” with people with similar interests and lifestyles, take up learning Facebook, or even start your own private Facebook Group where only select individuals can join or see the page. The options are endless to live better than any generation before. This fun is not just for teenagers! As people move away or in some cases pass away our world can shrink. But, if we are willing to take on new skills a whole new world of opportunity awaits! Even shall I say, dating! Yep! You can do that too on-line but don’t tell your adult children lest you get scolded!! Shhh… Regardless, you now have the time you’ve always craved and these are just some up to date ways to keep that pep in your step.

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