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Client and Family Testimonials

"Traci and her team became a part of my family when I needed help with my mom’s care and I could not be there in person. Mom approved too, and she was a nurse for 47 years. She knew what good care should be. Traci and her team provided our family exceptional care when my mother was in her last stages of life. It gave us the peace of mind we needed to know her staff was there 24 hrs a day when we had to go back home to California. This agency is an answered prayer for families!"

- Gwen E., client's daughter

"I've have used services from this agency for over a year and a half and up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have even stayed with me during hospital stays for one-to-one attention. It's because of them I can live at home in dignity."

- Charles B., client, retired professor of Purdue University

"As one of your original clients, I have been very happy with Homecare By Design. Your workers are very reliable and friendly."

- Mary L., client

"The caregivers at Homecare By Design exceeded my every expectations. They became a very important part of Ace's life and they made his dream of staying at his home a reality."

- Jan M., client's P.O.A.

"It is with much enthusiasm and pleasure that I recommend the wonderful care given by the employees from Homecare By Design. The same caregivers have taken care of my father and become like family. He resided in a Retirement Community Health Center; however, I felt that because of his increasing health issues he needed more attention. The companionship was also very important since my mother passed away last year. The girls have assimilated very well into the facility and compliment the care he received from the facility staff. I live out of state and visit often; however, it is such a comfort to know that my dad has a better quality of life. If there are any issues with his care, they let me know ASAP. Homecare By Design hires very professional people and treats them with respect. Thank you for the opportunity for recommending this wonderful company."

- Patricia K., client's daughter

"My heartfelt thank you for all you continue to do. Your attention and compassion during Earline’s last two weeks were a blessing ...Each of the individuals we met and spent time with are caring and most wonderful 'angels in disguise'. Thank you."

- Alan & Jenny W., client's family

"Conscientious, friendly and thoughtful."

- Lowell H., client, retired professor of Purdue University

"Homecare By Design has been great to work with. They've adapted promptly to different care needs as they've come up. I really appreciate their willingness to work with both parents."

- Robert Hicks, client's son

"Homecare By Design has met my needs for transitional help for the period between health center, residential care and independent living. I have found their caregivers pleasant and competent."

- Margery I., client

"You and your staff are a tremendous asset to the Lafayette community. You have made yourself visible and highly respected throughout the community as an excellent provider of homecare services. You deserve to be Small Business of the Year, and I wish you well on that journey.

It was approximately three years ago at this time when my dad called you and requested some help for he and my mom in their apartment at University Place. It was awkward for them to have someone in their home who was not a family member. They had a hard time accepting help and changed their minds frequently about wanting someone there. You visited them personally, were compassionate and patient with them, and you helped them get through this difficult beginning of a new phase of their lives. We have used your services almost continuously since that time.

You and your staff members care for my mom as a person, not just as a client. You make an effort to know her characteristics, her personality, her likes and dislikes and to assign caregivers who will be a good fit with her. [Her caregivers] are a wonderful quartet of women who serve her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My mom is comfortable with them, is fond of them and has accepted them as her helpers. It is not easy to find and hire competent and dedicated staff, but in our case, you have done a wonderful job in finding these four women and assigning them to my mom. They are caring individuals who try very hard to keep her stimulated and comfortable and safe. I can go out of town on vacation for three days or three weeks and feel confident that they will take good care of her.

The caregivers frequently go out of their way to do things that make my mom happy and comfortable. They know that changes in routines cause her confusion and discomfort. When one of them is ill or has a conflict, they adjust their schedules among themselves to cover for the absent one, so that my mom does not have to have a stranger come into her apartment. They know she loves flowers and will frequently bring her something special on holidays and her birthday. They know she loves the green lizard from the Geico television commercials and will search for a stuffed animal or anything with his picture on it! They check out movies from the library to entertain her. They share pictures and stories of their families with her and it helps her to recall things about our family which she has trouble remembering.

I have recommended Homecare by Design to several of my friends whose parent needs homecare at some level. I know from firsthand experience how difficult it is to take that first step; but I also know the blessing of having wonderful caregivers to be with a beloved family member. Thank you for being a part of the Lafayette community and for providing this service that is so critical to families with these very important needs, especially to my mom."

- Sarah J., client's daughter

"Thank you for the services you and your homecare staff have provided to our family over the past 2+ years. With your added help, we were able to have [my husband] at home up until his last stroke in May. I also appreciated how easy it was to switch over the account to provide the services I needed during the summer while I was recovering from back issues and going to physical therapy. Your aide Christian was particularly helping in driving [my husband] to doctors’ appointments and helping him in and out of the office when I was recovering from surgery, and they hit it off quite well when Christian stayed with him while I ran errands or had medical appointments. When I became the client on a walker during physical therapy for back issues in the summer, Christian handled the driving for PT appointments and helped me with grocery shopping, right down to loading and unloading the groceries and helping put them away. He was always pleasant and willing to do housekeeping jobs when asked. It’s good to see your business growing. Homecare By Design provides a much needed service. Sincerely, JoAnn M."

- JoAnn M., client's wife, 2016

"Although we don't typically use Homecare By Design for service in the home, strictly speaking, you have been our door to the outside world since mid-2013. What would we do without you?You get us to stores, doctors, and emergencies! When [my wife] had a health crisis, [our Caregiver] was there 3 days a week for 15 months. Thank you.

- E. & M. Smith, December 2017

"During my husbands difficult last weeks Home Care By Design helped me deal with the everyday chores, weekly chores and meal prep. When he passed Peacefully on a bright, beautiful, Sunny Day as he had hoped, it was very comforting for them to extend their service and allow their Star employee, Beth to keep our schedules time the next day. While I did have family with me, Beth was able to navigate and guide us through some of the steps and take important notes at the funeral home. Thank you Homecare By Design!"

- Kimberly H.

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