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Posted On 10/06/2017

After reading your article, "How to Know" about when it's the right time to get care for an aging loved one, I realized that my dad is nearing that time. His diet has been a mess since my mom passed, he forgets about his appointments at times, and he seems to have lost his lust for life. I've never looked into senior care before now - what do I do next?


We meet adult children like you with the same question almost every day. It's great that you have recognized the issue and are now looking for solutions. If you feel comfortable approaching your father about the subject, it's usually a good idea to do so in order to gauge their preferences and try to come to a reasonable solution. Some seniors are resistant to receiving extra help or making a big life change, which is understandable as they feel a loss of independence at the thought of 'needing help'. 

Whether or not you are comfortable approaching your parent first, you may consider which options are most suitable for your loved one. 

1. Homecare - Nonmedical personal care at home, typically from 2 to 24 hours a day

2. Home healthcare - Medical personal care at home, typically for short visits 1-3 times per week

3. Hospice - End of life medical care, typically short visits, often doctor ordered

4. Nursing home/Retirement Community - Facilities where seniors move to receive care typically through end of life


If homecare seems like your best option right now, we advise contacting the agency of your choice at least 3 days in advance of when you'd like to begin services. The agency should provide all of your information for which steps come next - typically, a representative will meet with the senior and their family (a Power of Attorney should be present if possible) in the senior's residence and create a care plan to meet his or her needs. Once the plan is created and other forms are signed, the scheduled services will initiate. Changes and adjustments can usually be made quite promptly as your loved ones' needs change. 

What's great about Homecare By Design is that we are not only a homecare agency providing services up to 24 hours a day, but we have perks you won't find anywhere else - such as our professional Home Maintenance services, our 6000 sq. ft. Clubhouse where we host daily activities & interesting events, PLUS the customer service of a small family business who truly values each senior and serves to the best of our ability, day in and day out. 

No matter which direction you head, we are happy to provide advice! Call us at 765-464-8080 for our expert advice. 

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