Senior Community Without Walls

Wellness Program

Every week, we receive calls from seniors in crisis - whether they've been injured, become ill, or their spouse/caregiver can no longer care for them, they've found themselves in an emergency situation, unsure of who will be able to care for them. 

Do you know who will take care of you, your spouse, or your parents if the unthinkable happened?  Don't let yourself or your loved one go through this traumatic experience alone and afraid.


Providing Peace of Mind Through Ongoing Care Coordination

We have found that seniors' families find rest in knowing they have someone local that can check on their loved ones and coordinate communication between the family, doctors, physical therapists, hospice, or any other third parties as needed, especially when their family lives out of town.

Our senior care experts can also help you navigate the complex healthcare system, figure out which programs or services might be best for your needs, and help get you situated with the right providers as your needs increase or change. 

Improving Health and Reducing Hospitalizations

One of our top priorities at Homecare By Design is the proactive oversight of care that provides for maximum health and wellbeing, and avoiding preventable hospitalizations. We accomplish this through:

  • Fully trained staff who recognize and immediately report changes in health, allowing for fast intervention before problems develop further.
  • Disease management education to help seniors and their family members better understand and manage their diagnoses.
  • Medication reminders to ensure meds are taken exactly as prescribed, that refills are picked up, and that any adverse side effects are documented and reported.
  • Planning and preparation of healthy, diet-specific meals.
  • Smooth transitions from hospital to home.
  • 24-hour availability for care or to answer questions.

Connecting You With Senior Friendly Care Providers

Our unique agency connects our clients and members with our list of "Senior Friendly" care providers for any services our agency does not already offer. We serve as the connecting point between eldercare attorneys, trust officers, hospital discharge planners, hospice services, and everything in between.

Don't get swept away in the complications of the healthcare system - let us help keep you on the best track throughout your retirement years with confidence and reassurance day-in and day-out from the privacy of your own home.

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