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Safety Hazards to Consider

Posted On 10/19/2016

We have my mom's house all set up to keep her safe - we installed grab bars in the shower, put in a fence around the yard, and even have surveillance cameras around her house. Is there anything else we should be doing to keep mom safe when she's left alone?


You've made some great strides already in keeping your mom's home a safe place for her to live, but sometimes there are hazards that grab bars, fences, or security cameras can't help. We would also recommend the following:

1. Attend our Identity Theft prevention 2-session course, "Refuse to be a Victim" at 10am on Oct 27 and Nov 3. Seniors are often more vulnerable to identity theft, but that doesn't mean you can't protect your mother from this crime. $15 covers the materials for these courses - call to learn more about this and other educational events.

2. Hire our professional Caregivers to stay with your mom, especially during times that you feel she is more uncomfortable or vulnerable, such as overnight or while her closest relatives are out of town. Our Caregivers see to the safety of our clients, whether they help vacate the home in the event of a fire, report scammers who make contact via phone, mail, or internet, and provide standby assistance in risky situations, such as climbing out of the tub or going down those rickety basement steps. Call in advance to set up in-home services.

3. Allow us to conduct a Home Safety Inspection to detect potential hazards, such as testing handrails, securing loose rugs or floorboards, installing proper lighting to allow complete visibility, and more. Call us to schedule an appointment for your inspection report.

4. Purchase a Lifeline Alert necklace through our agency. An alert necklace can be used to contact emergency personnel 24/7, whether due to a fall, fire, or even to alert authorities of an intruder. While alert necklaces do not help to prevent accidents or incidents, they at least allow seniors to contact help from wherever they are in their homes.

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