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Nutrition for Seniors Living Alone

Posted On 06/23/2016

My mother seems to be eating less. When she does eat, it is usually a frozen dinner. She lives alone and I’m not there to prepare her meals daily. Should I be worried?


For older adults, proper nutrition is more than just a good idea. The National Council On Aging urges seniors to know the signs of malnutrition. Too often, older adults with chronic conditions can become malnourished because they lose their appetite, or it’s difficult for them to shop for and prepare healthy food. It’s an essential part of managing many health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more.

Warning signs of malnutrition include:

Eating poorly

Chewing and swallowing difficulties

Eating the same 1-2 meals daily (causing malnourishment)

Taking multiple medicines

Unplanned weight loss

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