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Senior Community Without Walls - Membership Program

A Different Kind of Retirement Plan

Experience the benefits of community senior living without having move from your cherished home!

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When you have a membership to a gym, you have access to everything - the cardio and weight equipment, the fitness classes, the locker room and showers, and consultation with fitness trainers. But sometimes, don't you wish that you could pay a little less if you don't need to use the locker room? With a "Senior Community Without Walls" Membership, It's quite similar.

Our Members, depending on the plan they choose, can have access to any of our services at whatever level suits their needs best, which are reasonably priced based on those needs. And what's great about our kind of Membership vs. a gym membership, per se, is that if our client isn't ready for the locker room (or in our case, homecare services), they don't have to sign up for that just yet. But, when their needs eventually change and they need to use the locker room, we're already here with all their information on file so they'll have GUARENTEED PRIORITY ACCESS to that service right away. 

A Membership with us gets the client prepared for retirement, as early as they would like, or even a little later in the game, if needed. We have Members who only need Home Maintenance services and Clubhouse access for now, but have a plan in place with us if they were suddenly injured or taken ill, and would need emergency Homecare services. We also have Members who have Homecare Services up to 24/7, and receive a "subscription" number of additional Home Maintenance services and other special ancillary services included in their Membership Package. Their plan is tailored based on numerous factors and preferences - a plan which can grow and change along with them.

With Membership, we can truly drill down our Clients' needs, almost to a science, and customize their Membership Packages to meet or anticipate those needs using a variety of ancillary services and resources through Homecare By Design. If a Member has 4 adult children who live all across the country but would like to be updated on their parents' care, we build in a scheduled monthly conference call where our administrative staff can check in with the family, discuss updates or changes to their parent's condition, and address any concerns as they arise. 

Furthermore, Members who receive Homecare Services receive further customizations to their services, such as getting priority scheduling with their preferred Caregivers at their preferred times, receiving extra correspondence with administrative staff, and anything else we can reasonably accommodate.

A Senior Community Without Walls Membership truly enables and empowers seniors to make the best decisions for themselves as they age. We are here every step of the way, from when a 75-year old gentleman realizes he can no longer care for his wife alone, to when we meet home at our Clubhosue seminar about retirement options, to when his wife first accepts having a Caregiver assist her with a bath, to coordinating with her other healthcare providers, to providing education to their family as her needs change, to when she eventually requires 24/7 care, to helping her husband grieve and transition after losing his wife, to tending to their property when he is no longer able, to making sure he spends the remainder of his life being cared for in a dignified and respectful manner. WE ARE HERE!


Membership not only makes it possible, it makes it easier, because when it comes to caring for aging loved ones, it shouldn't be complicated



Our Community Without Walls Membership Benefits Can Include:

  • Guaranteed Priority Access to Homecare Staffing
  • Hospital-to-Home Program
  • Preferred Caregiver Match
  • Preferred Hours Match 
  • Care Coordination
  • Care Conferences
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • Wellness Management
  • Home Safety Inspection
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Meal Preparation
  • Activity Kits
  • Transportation
  • Exclusive club room access for special events, exercise classes & lifelong learning 
  • Connections to vetted senior-friendly vendors
  • And so much more!

Design Your Own Level of Membership

 Homecare By Design allows you to configure your own level of membership, customized to your unique needs and interests. Whether you are only interested in the clubhouse activities or are looking for a full package with handyman services, transportation, care management and personal care services, or anything in-between, Homecare By Design will help you fashion a plan that is a right fit. 

A Retirement Plan that Provides Peace of Mind

 With adult children oftentimes living far away and unable to assist immediately if a health crisis occurs, it is incredibly reassuring to know that everything will be taken care of through the assistance of Homecare By Design’s experienced team of care professionals. We can:

  • Coordinate with hospital staff to make sure all discharge information is understood
  • Ensure that transportation home is arranged
  • Pick up medications from the pharmacy
  • Prepare healthy meals 
  • Make sure the home is comfortable for recovery
  • And more

A More Affordable Retirement Plan 

Unlike assisted living communities, with Homecare By Design, you only pay for caregiving services when they are needed. Because of this, there are no large entry fees to join our Community Without Walls Membership Program. 

Want to Know More?

 To learn more about our Community Without Walls Membership Program, please fill out our Contact Form and a member of our team will be in contact.


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