Senior Community Without Walls

Life Lessons (Part 3 of 3)

Posted On 05/25/2016

Traci, you have been working with seniors for over 2 decades. In your experience what are some of the life lessons from seniors that you have learned? 


Here are more inspiring examples for all of us to aspire to:

1. Develop a deeper spiritual life. You simply can’t  outgrow God.

2. Focus on building healthy relationships especially with those you love most.

3. Make peace with the past and keep life simple.

4. Embrace new technology.

5. Be a planner. Don’t let life throw you curve balls you could have avoided. Be proactive.

6. Save more money than you spend. Invest consistently over a long period of time.

7. And lastly, ask yourself, “When I’m 100 years old, what will I wish I would have done?” That single question can clarify so many choices on the spot!

Here’s to an amazing life compliments of those who have gone before us.

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