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I'm Not a Senior Yet

Posted On 08/05/2016

I'm not a "senior" yet, I'm only in my early 60s and am very active and independent. How could I benefit from any of the services you offer?


The great thing about Homecare By Design is that while we LOVE seniors and serve them wholeheartedly, we also focus on people like YOU who may be retired (or near retirement) but still have an active lifestyle. At this point in your life, you may not need any of our homecare or wellness services, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't benefit from these other services we offer:

1) A busy, active person like you would be a perfect fit in our Community Without Walls. You can meet like-minded inidividuals in any of our fitness classes, game clubs, book studies, educational programs, or special events like Mystery Dinners, live entertainment nights, or bus outings.

2) If you're out of the house often visiting with friends or family, or maybe traveling across the globe, your lawn and gutters might need some maintenance while you're away. Our Property Management services would allow you to leave home for as long as you'd like, ensuring that your home is maintained, safe, and up to par when you return.

3) You've spent several years working hard to earn the comfortable life you have come to know. Take a breather and allow our housekeepers to keep your home as pristine as you'd like it to be. Our Housekeeping Services free up time you might've spent cleaning to do the things you truly enjoy.

4) Perhaps you're in the position where you're caring for your mom, dad, or another loved one. While YOU don't need homecare, you certainly wouldn't mind a break. Our Personalized Homecare services allows you the respite you need from caring for another, for short-term or long-term, and our Wellness Management program can even handle coordinating your loved one's care if needed.


Call 765.464.8080 and ask how you can get started with any of these services.

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