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When you think of the holiday season, you probably have many fond memories you cherish. Decorating the house for the holidays, having reunion parties with friends and family, eating delicious treats, looking out at the glistening snowy landscape, driving around looking for Christmas lights to enjoy... This season reminds us to cherish our loved ones, to thank them for their presence in our lives, and to enjoy the warmth of each others' company even in the blistering cold.

As we age, though, the holiday season can sometimes make us feel quite lonely. Seniors often have fewer loved ones in their lives due to family and friends passing away over the years, and the holidays can be a painful reminder of their loneliness. Fewer Holiday Greetings cards coming in the mail, fewer visitors bringing treats throughout the season, and spending Christmas alone are all likely events as we grow older. 

We at Homecare By Design try to remind our seniors that even though they may have fewer Christmas cards or holiday visitors, they are still cherished and remembered. Our encouragement to you, our readers, is to take an extra step this season to be present to the seniors in your life. Send them a holiday greeting card, call them and tell them how your family is doing, bring them homemade treats, arrange a group to go caroling for them, or better yet, go visit them and spend a few hours just enjoying their company and reminiscing about all your favorite holiday memories.

The purpose of this season is to remind each other that we are all connected, we all thrive on love, and that we are stronger as mankind when we appreciate each other and act compassionately towards one another. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you & your loved ones from Homecare By Design.

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