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Handyman Minute: More Than Just 'Spring Cleaning'

Posted On 05/09/2017

Dear Handyman, I've done my Spring cleaning and my house is looking pretty good. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that need done around the house  that keep it from looking 100% sparkly clean and running as smoothly as it should. This got me to thinking, what are the top home maintenance tasks that should be done around the house to get ready for Spring?


What a great question for this time of year! We've been getting calls left and right for seasonal maintenance. Here are the key items you may need done to get your house all ready for the warmer weather:


1. Gutters & Downspouts: Remove all debris, repair leaks or damage

2. Windows & Doors: Fill and seal cracks in sills, repair screens, and check frames

3. Landscape Upkeep: Fill yard holes with compacted soil, cut back vegetation, bushes, and branches

4. Service AC Unit: Have a qualified technician clean & adjust your outside air conditioning unit

5. Check & Repair Home Exterior: Remove flaky paint on wood and repaint, look for curling or missing shingles to be replaced

If you can get these tasks completed, whether by yourself, our friendly Handymen staff, or another person, your home should be ready for the seasonal changes! If you don't get these tasks done, however, your home will be more susceptible to rot and damage, getting insects inside through the cracks, and generally decreasing the value of your home over time. Don't wait any longer! Summer is right around the corner - Call for our Home Maintenance Services today! 765-464-8080

Visit this website for more detailed information about Spring home maintenance tasks. 

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