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Handyman Minute: Flower Bedding Options

Posted On 07/21/2017

I have a very small area that would make for a great flower bed, but is currently just filled with grass and weeds that are sometimes difficult to control. What's the best way to transform this space into something with better curb appeal?


If weed control is an issue, I would recommednd using a plastic liner to create a barrier where weeds can't survive. The supplies can all be found at your local hardware store, and getting it all set up is pretty simple! 


Landscape plastic (or landscpae fabric)


Utility knife or scissors


Landscape staples or anchor pins



1. Remove sharp objects like twigs or rocks from the area 

2. Remove as many weeds as possible to create an even space

3. Roll out your plastic and cut it down to match the size of the area

4. If you have existing plants in the area, cut slits so the main stem can fit through

5. Use the staples/anchor pins to secure the plastic along the edges and any slits you made

6. Once the plastic is in place, cut slits in an X shape to create an opening for any additional plants you want to add

7. Dig holes for your plants as you normally would

8. Once all plants are in place, secure the plastic around the base of the plant

9. Poke several holes around the base of each plant to allow for water & air flow

10. Pour mulch around the area, covering all plastic


Note: This practice is best used for small areas, as sometimes laying down plastic can affect the ecological balance of the area. Platic/fabric liners can disintegrate over time and will need periodic replacement.

For full details and further explanations, visit Today's Homeowner. And don't forget you can always call for our senior-friendly handymen to improve your home's curb appeal, among many other maintenance tasks!

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