Senior Community Without Walls

Guest Speakers Galore - February

Please join us in welcoming local guest speakers to our Senior Community Without Walls this month! 917 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette

Feb 15 @ 2-3pm
Prophetstown State Park
Adventure is just down the road! Learn about the park, including its history and all it has to offer your family & our community.

Feb 16 @ 2-3pm
About the “Quilting Bee”
The Americus group stitches together a presentation just for you! Learn about the quilting bee and enjoy refreshments and good company while doing so.

Feb 24 @ 2-3pm
Colorful Meditations
Southern Care Hospice invites you to learn about the soothing effects that coloring has on your soul. Coloring isn’t just for kids any more!

Feb 28 @ 2-3pm
Art Museum of Lafayette
The director of the Art Museum of Lafayette gives insights into the world of art, particularly in the greater Lafayette community.

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