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Exercise & Self Sufficiency

Posted On 04/27/2016

My doctor keeps telling me that if I want to continue being self-sufficient, I have to start exercising more. Exercise has never been my thing, so how do I make it a habit now?


The National Institute on Health (NIH) has a great article about making exercise a regular part of your day. If you manage to remain dedicated to making exercise a routine, it will in time become a habit. The NIH lists the following key tips to being successful with implementing an exercise routine:

1. Make it a priority.

2. Make it easy.

3. Make it safe.

4. Make it social.

5. Make it interesting and fun.

6. Make it an active decision.


If you’re looking for a fun way to get active, join us for our very popular exercise classes, such as Balance Class, Zumba Gold, with Line Dancing! View our activity calendar (at the top of the page) or call 765.464.8080  for details.

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