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Posted On 01/17/2018

Traci, as a business owner, you must have a million projects and tasks on your plate every day. How do you keep organized and not let the weight on your shoulders bog you down?


You are absolutely right - as a business owner, my life can get out of balance so easily. My husband Lee and I could spend every waking moment working on the business if we had that kind of energy and focus! But that would be a very unhealthy (and super overwhelming) lifestyle. Over the years, I've collected some tips and tools to help keep my life positive, balanced, and organized (to the best of my ability - I'm only human after all!).

Here are some things I've learned to put into practice:

1. Have morning & evening routines - In the morning, I drink a glass of water, pray/meditate, and try to squeeze in a workout if I have the time. In the evening, I often write in a journal and have a skincare routine that helps me relax before bed.

2. Write tomorrow's "To Do" list the day prior - You can start your day off much more effectively when you already have a plan for the next day's actions!

3. Use timers when working on projects - I usually have 4 or 5 big projects going on at once. To stop myself from getting overwhelmed, sometimes I'll just set a timer for one hour and focus on one project/task at a time. Sometimes I'll keep going on a roll when the timer's up! Or I'll let myself move to another task.

4. Break day into chunks - In my planner, I have certain activities I prefer to do in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening. I plan in a way that works best for my lifestyle.

5. Know your "prime time" - My most productive time of the day is often in the morning when I can work in solitude in my home office. Although sometimes when there's a BIG project and I can't sleep, I manage to get a lot of work done late at night or early in the morning!

6. Plan your week overview in advance - On Sundays, I check my planner for the week. If I notice that I'm going to have some very busy days, I'll make a point to save other days for relaxing and family time. This way, I can prevent burnout and try to stay in balance.

7. Limit exposure to "energy suckers" - Everyone has things or people in their lives that just... suck out your energy! This could be a negative person you know, an activity that you dread (e.g. getting groceries), or even something as simple as being on Facebook too much. Try to notice which things drain you and limit your time around them.

8. Fill your cup daily - Personally, I love inspiring quotes or to listen to podcasts while I'm driving. Try to surround yourself with positivity and anything involving self-care and personal growth.

9. Practice gratitude - There are countless things to be grateful for. Think about one thing you're grateful for, and really mull on it - Why are you grateful for it? What would life be like without out it? It's hard to stay negative when you're practicing gratitude.

10. Show special kindness daily - Sometimes, I'll leave a kind note for someone where they wouldn't expect it, or find a way to help an employee or stranger when an opportunity comes up. You never know how someone's day could be going, but you can probably do something to make it go even better. 

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