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Enjoy the Journey of Being Human Together

Posted On 12/20/2013

The pleasure of hosting the Circle of Friends and Brain Builder Group at our Community Without Walls...


The group is very successful in my opinion. Joining the healthy spouses and being asked to give my own insights after 20 some years of working with seniors, including Alzheimer's patients and their families was a treat for me. It was such an honor to participate with a group of such noble individuals’ who by all accounts, that I can discern, have decided the best way to cope with the situation is to take it one day or even one moment at a time. I think that is not only smart for them but a really good way to look at life for all of us.

 We laughed over some of the funny things that happened the past week and shared suggestions on an issue someone in the group may be experiencing. For me, this was the highlight of my month! As a busy business woman I can often get trapped in the day to day operational issues that pull me away from the very thing I started my business to to one relationships with those I could help or solve problems for them. Albeit I have to remind myself I did create a company that employees some 60 caregivers to do so and do it with a spirit of joy and integrity I am proud of.

However, after my husband Lee, left his management position at Eli Lilly/Evonik last year to come work alongside me I have had the renewed opportunity, through the evolution of our Home Care Agency to add what we call, A Senior Community Without Walls. Now I am at the Community Without Walls every day enjoying building those friendships with my beloved senior friends and their families even more so. And, although we have hosted some fun events already, all of which I thoroughly enjoy, in my heart nothing really compares for me to the special one to one or small group setting and to be able to enjoy the journey of being a human together, which we all know by now, is not as easy as it looks…

Thank you to Susan and my new Circle of Friends for allowing me this very special pleasure.

 Your Friend in the Love and Care of Seniors, Traci

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