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Care Coordination Program

Posted On 08/01/2014

Can you talk more about your Care Coordination Program?


In my (Traci) 25 years in healthcare, I've found many pitfalls that happen to seniors I believe could be prevented. Our solution is designed to do 5 core things:

1.Compliance: Ensure our members have the tools & resources they need to be successful upon return from a hospital or Dr. visit by assisting them in following instructions post-care. 

2. Coordination: Work with healthcare providers & professional services so we have a 360 degree perspective to support our member's goals and ensure quality.

3. Communication: Advocate so our client's wishes are carried out & keep families informed.

4.Connection: Unite our clients with what we call, "Senior Friendly" area professionals and businesses.

5. Customer Service: Put seniors first & help them live a dignified & unified life.


Here's to Seniors!

Your Friends,

Traci & Lee

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