Senior Community Without Walls

"A Day in the Life of a Senior" Activity

During our quarterly Staff Meetings with our Caregivers, we wanted to put our staff in the shoes of a senior, so they could get an idea of why their role is so important. So, we put together a simulation exercise, where they could experience a little bit of what it's like to have glaucoma or cataracts, a stiff arthritic hand, hearing loss, and the 'shuffle' walk (often associated with Parkinson's and other illness). After the activity, we discussed what's it like to try to function with these ailments - they expressed feelings of fear and frustration, and tried to imagine what it would it be like to be a senior living on their own with these issues, all day every day. Overall, we all got a better perspective of the seniors we serve, and we hope our Caregivers realize how much their daily effort makes such a difference in our seniors' lives. Watch the video below to see how we did it, and how the Caregivers responded!

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